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NPREX Preferred Broker

Direct Licensing Services


Preferred Broker for the NPREX Direct Licensing Platform

NPREX is a patented platform that facilitates direct licensing transactions. NPREX makes buying licenses directly from copyright owners easy and efficient. NPREX Brokerage works with all types of music users to help establish and manage transactions and licenses on NPREX. 


NPREX Brokerage Customers

Radio/TV/DigitalNPREX Brokerage is here to assist Radio, Television, & Digital in setting up and brokering transactions on the NPREX platform. This can be anything from account set-up, catalog management, scenario analysis, or brokering deals with music creators.  No Double Payment, No Risk of Infringement, No additional administrative burden, we are here to help you save mondey through NPREX.

Music Users -  Radio, Television, Internet and many other businesses using music. Each has unique and special needs. Take advantage of the efficiencies of Directly Licensing through NPREX while keeping your existing PRO licenses in place with BMI, ASCAP, SESAC and GMR. NPREX Brokerage is here to assist you. 

Music Creators NPREX Brokerage is set up to administer the accounts of NPREX customers, in helping businesses such as Publishers, Songwriters, Record Labels and Artist set up and manage their accounts in order to take advantage of the NPREX  direct licensing service.


  • Preferred Broker for NPREX  Direct Licensing Platform.

  • Analysis of Performance Data

  • Direct License Management


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5543 Edmonson Pike, Suite 188 Nashville TN 37211

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